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Download Best Android Games From Play Store


Here is the list of best high-quality Android games. This list is according to the categories. You can download the games for free by clicking on the links.

1. Assassin’s Creed PiratesAssassin’s Creed Pirates is a great example of how much Android games have progressed in terms of graphics. This is a beautiful naval adventure game where you must be the captain of your own pirate ship and search out buried treasure. It features very good graphics and a fun story line. In battle, you shoot cannons at other ships by doing that side-by-side thing that gives the game a glimmer of realism. It used to cost money but now it’s free with in-app purchases.

2. Asphalt 8: Airborne. Gameloft really hit a home run with their Asphalt series. They have increasingly good graphics, fun gameplay, and each new iteration adds more features. The most current is Asphalt 8: Airborne, which includes Google Play Games achievements and a live multiplayer mode. It used to cost money but they switched to a Freemium model (Free to play with in-app purchases). Some like it, some don’t, but it’s still widely considered to be among the best mobile racing games of all time.

3. Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is one of many MMO-RTS games but it is by far one of the best. In this real-time strategy, you play as a clan chief who must build up your village to defend it from raiders. Raiders are other real people who play the game and you can raid their villages too. There are clans you can join so you can play with others and over the last year they’ve integrated clan wars so you can fight other clans. If you like strategy games and social gaming, this will be perfect for you.

4. FIFA 15: Ultimate Team. FIFA 15 has an easy control scheme and far better graphics than practically every other football (soccer) game. There are other modes that players can enjoy and the game includes rosters for hundreds of teams. There are some in-app purchases and the developers are a tad aggressive with it, but with a little patience and self-control, you can move past that and enjoy this great game.

5. Monument Valley. Monument Valley is a masterpiece. It utilizes brilliantly designed puzzles that employ geometric illusions that you must solve to get to the next level. The way these levels fit, turn, flip, and move together to create these new shapes is really something you have to see to truly appreciate. That makes Monument Valley one of the must-have Android games. There is also a kind of storyline about a princess in a dead world. It’s not overly deep but it serves its purpose to drive the game forward. It’s a lot of fun and considered by many to be one of the best games of 2018.

Big News Salman Khan Reveals 5 Shocking Secrets Of His Life


Bollywood’s ‘Tiger’ Salman Khan is going to make such disclosures one after another, after knowing whom Tehelka can certainly make in Bollywood. Recently, during an event, Salman had made headlines by answering the question related to marriage. Right now Dabang Khan has made three such revelations related to his life, after knowing which will be a surprise to you. 

Salman Khan is one of the highest paid actors in Indian cinema. He also is considered to be quite attractive, due to his physique.

For a period of time, in 1999, he dated Aishwarya Rai, his co-star from Hum Dil Chuke Sanam. After they broke up, allegations of domestic violence on his part were released to the press. Before Aishwarya, however, he had relationships with Sangeeta Biljani and Somy Ali, both of which were highly publicized.

Perhaps his most high-profile relationship in recent years was with Katrina Kaif, who finally admitted to dating him in 2011. She stated that they remain friends and that he guided her and gave her confidence. They acted together in several movies, most notably Yuvraaj and Ek Tha Tiger, among others.

The answer: Maybe Aishwarya and Katrina, given that he dated each of them for lengthy periods of time.

A little rant to conclude:

Why are these questions popping up on Quora lately? Why are the sex lives of actors relevant? I am no fan of Salman Khan, but if he desires to keep his personal life private, let him. There should be no problem with him sleeping with his co-stars, as long as they both consent and they aren’t harming themselves or anyone.

Salman ‘s obsessive behaviour is also a major reason for their breakup. Salman once landed up outside Aishwarya’s residence late in the night to speak to her, but she refused to let him in. It was said that he banged the door till 3 am in the morning.

Deepika Padukone Finally Served Us


Dressing in this bright pink Ashi Studio creation, Deepika is finally really coming into her red carpet best this evening.

Through the week, DP faced a lot of flak for looking “basic” when she could have taken fashion risks…

… But today, she turned her dial all the way up leaving us all gobsmacked.

And clearly, she’s having a lot of fun shutting people down with that outfit.

Bloom, bloom like the flower you are, baby girl.

Keep on keeping on, you fuschia beauty.


100+Best Raksha Bandhan : Status, Wishes,Quotes, Messages, Greetings


The day reminds them there is a very special woman out there who truly cares about their well being. It’s that time of the year again! Raksha Bandhan aka Rakhi is one of the most popular Indian festivals when all the brothers are getting ready to loosen their pockets and stand as tall as they possibly can to receive that band of protection from their loving sisters. The tiny red tikka that she puts on your forehead, which you will most definitely shrug off at first but then show it off for the rest of the day. The fancier the band, the lesser time it will remain on your wrist but who will explain this to your sister?

Raksha Bandhan 2018: Quotes, Messages, Whatsapp Status & SMS

Well, show gratitude fellows with a thoughtful gift and a card with a beautiful quote. Here are some well put Raksha Bandhan Quotes to help you get inspired and write that card.

This Rakhi brings all the blessings, love and care for you. The memories may fade away with time but the love and special bond we share will grow ever stronger with each day… Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes to You!

“ We gain and lose things everyday. But trust me on one thing.
You’ll never lose me. I will always be here. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”

“We laugh and cry, we play and fight. We shared moments of happiness and sorrows, which made our bond stronger. Happy Raksha Bandhan to you Sis”

“I long for the day through the year that you so ceremoniously tie a Rakhi on my wrist and pray for my well being. Dear Sir, I wish that our bond grows stronger every day…”

“This Raksha Bandhan, I pray to God that, may our bond of love continue to grow stronger with each passing year.”

“The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend. Thank you for always being there for me Sis. Happy Rakhi!”

“To have a loving relationship with a sister is not simply to have a buddy or a confident — it is to have a soulmate for life. “

“Having you is like having a best friend I can’t get rid of. I know whatever I do, you will still be there. Happy Raksha Bandhan ”

“To my sister, for happy times shared through the years for the loyalty, love, laughter and tears, for the special things only you can do. For all these things I thank you. Happy rakshabandan”

“The mildest, drowsiest sister has been known to turn tiger if her sibling is in trouble. Well I am glad you are the one who always has my back. Happy Raksha Bandhan, Tiger!”

“It was nice growing up with someone like you – someone to lean on, someone to count on… someone to tell on! I love you dear sister, Happy Raksha Bandhan”

“You take my hand and lead me along paths I would not have dared explore alone. Thanks for all the adventures my lovely sister”

“On the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, I want to promise my dear sister that no matter what I will always stand by her side! Lots of hugs and love to my dear sister on Raksha Bandhan!”

“A sister is someone who will care for you the most no matter what and she will always be the best companion of your life! I too have a sweet sister who feels all my agony and pain and helps me out to the fullest in fighting them!! Happy Raksha Bandhan to my dearest sister!”

Raksha Bandhan 2018: Images


Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018: Greetings, Photos, Cards and Wallpaper


Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018: Status, Messages, Greetings, Photos, Cards, Wishes, Images, Quotes and Wallpaper


Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018: Images, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Photos, Status, Wishes, Cards and Wallpaper


Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018 Images, Quotes, Messages, Greetings and Photos


Happy Rakhi Wishes, Raksha Bandhan 2018: Status, Wishes, and Messages


Happy Rakhi Messages, Raksha Bandhan 2018: Images, Quotes, and Greetings

Raksha Bandhan 2018: Greetings

Happy Rakhi Greetings, Raksha Bandhan 2018: Wishes, Images, Messages, Photos and Wallpaper


Raksha Bandhan 2018: Greetings, Photos, Cards and Wallpaper


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Review of Tadkahost (Best Cheapest Shared Hosting)


I am giving you a short but effective Review Of Tadkahost on the basis of my 6 months experience of using the shared hosting. The service of this company and the quality of their product has made me bound to give a review about the web hosting company. I hope you will also find no complaint against the company.

Tadkahost Review

Review of Tadkahost

Website blogging is becoming very famous nowadays among the youngsters. As it is one of the best platform for the youth to grow faster. But few things are necessary for the maintenance of a website.

First of all, a good domain name is required and also a good domain extension is very important for your website.

After the domain, it could be said that hosting is the most important part of your website. So I would recommend you to choose a better hosting.

But while a person just start their website, they can’t afford to go to the high priced web hosting and go to the free web hosting services. But it is not good due to their privacy concern. As the data could be leaked.

How to Crack JEE Mains || Best Mileage Bikes in India

So what is the option?

The best way is to choose the cheap hosting, which is trusted. As I started my blogging, I didn’t get proper idea and wasted lots of money on the expensive hosting. But from 6 months I am using web hosting from a shared hosting company “Tadkahost”. It is unbelievable for me that this company gives so much low priced web hosting(less then Rs 1.5 a day) but I haven’t found any issue, or I can say that it is reliable as those expensive web hosting.

So I suggest, you must try it. As they are giving Amazing features within the affordable price range.

For your ease, I am giving you the site visit www.TadkaHost.com

This is their Sale Number: 7002039169

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How to Crack JEE Mains with study of Jee Main Syllabus

How to Crack JEE Mains
How to Crack JEE Mains

JEE Main is one of the most important exams after H.S.  for the students, interested to study Engineering. As JEE Main is not only the gateway to the JEE Advanced. But also an entrance for various prestigious engineering colleges or universities other than IIT. Hence JEE Main has become the main priority for the students, who want to get good engineering college. Today I will give some tips on How to Crack JEE Mains.

How to Crack JEE Mains


  1. All students who have passed 12th standard and having an age less than 25 are eligible to appear for JEE Mains.
  2. The maximum attempt is 3 times
  3. The student must have taken up Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects, along with either one of Chemistry or Biotechnology, to be considered eligible.

Syllabus and type of questions:

  1. The exam is tougher compared to the boards, with much more conceptual questions and questions of varying difficulty.
  2. Subjects were tested include Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  3. The syllabus to be followed is more or less the same as the Board exam, but more care needed to be applied in answering properly.
  4. The questions are of Multiple Choice types, with 4 marks for each correct answer and a penalty of 1 mark for each wrongly marked choice.

Best mileage bikes in India || Tadkahost Review

How to Crack JEE Mains with JEE main syllabus

Best way to prepare without coaching is self-study and self-confidence.
I’ll tell you how I cracked IIT-JEE in my days without any coaching.

1)Set your study hours:- as the exam is for 3 continuous hours, you should not take breaks within 3 hours of study span. Take a break after 3 hours of study. Most students get tired and their efficiency goes down in last hour of exam.

2)Focus on all three subjects(PCM) equally. You can choose one favorite and can give it an extra hour but never give less attention to any of these three.

3)Be self-confident. Keep saying to yourself that you can do it. Yes, I have the caliber to crack it. Self-confidence is the most important thing. Most students believe in deep that they can’t crack the exam before even writing it.

4). If you have any dream college, download a picture of it and paste it on the wall where you can see most of the time. Tell yourself everytime you see that picture also that I’m going to take admission there. This keeps on motivating you.

Books to Study and JEE main syllabus

For Physics go for DC Pandey (separate book for each topic). Examples and concept are well explained.

for chemistry –  RC Mukherjee, OP Tandon, and Boyd.

For maths – Don’t go for RD Sharma, go for Arihant series ( it has a separate book for different topics). In-depth knowledge is given in this books. R.S Agrawal is also a very good book.

For more information such as how to crack jee mains in 15 days and how to crack jee mains without studying stay tuned to us.
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Best Mileage Bikes in India with price and mileage with full specs

Best Mileage Bikes in India
Best Mileage Bikes in India

Bikes have become one of the most used vehicles for a middle-class family. Though, bike is popular among the riches. There is the various price range of bikes. Not only bikes are ranging from price difference, but also it ranges according to power of engines and mileage. Hence there are different varieties of bikes available in each of the companies, so that they could avail the need of customer. But today we will be discussing about the best mileage bikes in India, as it is best option for the middle-class person. But only by looking at the mileage, if you purchase then it will be more loss for you. Because a weak bike makes more expense in repairing, as it gets damaged very easily and frequently. Also the weaker bikes aren’t a little comfortable. So I am presenting the best mileage bikes with reliable comforts

Here is the list of Best Mileage Bikes in India:

If it is within 100 cc go for these choices. I believe that these will meet your intermediate requirements for the use of bikes.

How To Crack JEE Mains || Tadkahost Review

1.star city plus/star sport

These are good kind of best mileage bikes in India and it will survive even if u use it roughly and it accepts hard wear and tear.mileage is above 75 km, both are good vehicles, go for sport if u need a lightweight motorcycle.

but the main problem with the bike is you have to maintain it correctly else engine expenses will eat your wallet within four or five years.

Price: Rs 38550(approx)


these are bikes meant for resale value and lower engine expenses , there will be no troubles even there is less maintenance and you can get consistent mileage of above 65–80 kmpl depending on your riding quality.

these are my favorites , I personally own a CD DELUXE which gave me mileage above 75 kmpl

Price: Rs 40000(approx)

3. BAJAJ DISCOVER 100 cc old model // PLATINA // CT100 (new model )

This Bajaj bike is the one which are perfectly meant for mileage but there is no resale value for these bikes and it will cause more engine expenses if you are tough rider and don’t go for these bikes if you wanna buy a bike for a lifetime .

these are machines only meant for mileage guaranteed 80+ km per liter.

Price: Rs 48000(approx)

4. HONDA twister, NEO , YUGA

these Honda bikes are reliable for lifetime as it is the costly on the list. it will gurantee you about 60+ km per liter

these will give a better riding quality and cost of parts will be high. it will not cost so much if you maintain it regularly.

Price: Rs 50000(approx)

My choice:

Go with HERO bikes as they are reliable and cost wise cheaper than Honda and easily resalable. And the services are surprisingly very good. So I consider them for best mileage bike in India.

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