Home Tech Fact Best Mileage Bikes in India with price and mileage with full specs

Best Mileage Bikes in India with price and mileage with full specs

Best Mileage Bikes in India
Best Mileage Bikes in India

Bikes have become one of the most used vehicles for a middle-class family. Though, bike is popular among the riches. There is the various price range of bikes. Not only bikes are ranging from price difference, but also it ranges according to power of engines and mileage. Hence there are different varieties of bikes available in each of the companies, so that they could avail the need of customer. But today we will be discussing about the best mileage bikes in India, as it is best option for the middle-class person. But only by looking at the mileage, if you purchase then it will be more loss for you. Because a weak bike makes more expense in repairing, as it gets damaged very easily and frequently. Also the weaker bikes aren’t a little comfortable. So I am presenting the best mileage bikes with reliable comforts

Here is the list of Best Mileage Bikes in India:

If it is within 100 cc go for these choices. I believe that these will meet your intermediate requirements for the use of bikes.

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1.star city plus/star sport

These are good kind of best mileage bikes in India and it will survive even if u use it roughly and it accepts hard wear and tear.mileage is above 75 km, both are good vehicles, go for sport if u need a lightweight motorcycle.

but the main problem with the bike is you have to maintain it correctly else engine expenses will eat your wallet within four or five years.

Price: Rs 38550(approx)


these are bikes meant for resale value and lower engine expenses , there will be no troubles even there is less maintenance and you can get consistent mileage of above 65–80 kmpl depending on your riding quality.

these are my favorites , I personally own a CD DELUXE which gave me mileage above 75 kmpl

Price: Rs 40000(approx)

3. BAJAJ DISCOVER 100 cc old model // PLATINA // CT100 (new model )

This Bajaj bike is the one which are perfectly meant for mileage but there is no resale value for these bikes and it will cause more engine expenses if you are tough rider and don’t go for these bikes if you wanna buy a bike for a lifetime .

these are machines only meant for mileage guaranteed 80+ km per liter.

Price: Rs 48000(approx)

4. HONDA twister, NEO , YUGA

these Honda bikes are reliable for lifetime as it is the costly on the list. it will gurantee you about 60+ km per liter

these will give a better riding quality and cost of parts will be high. it will not cost so much if you maintain it regularly.

Price: Rs 50000(approx)

My choice:

Go with HERO bikes as they are reliable and cost wise cheaper than Honda and easily resalable. And the services are surprisingly very good. So I consider them for best mileage bike in India.

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